About Laptops for All

Laptops for All aims to increase access to learning, enterprise and communication for people of all ages. Originally launched in 2020 as Laptops for Kids, our non-profit campaign sourced donations of 15,000 new and used devices, carried out secure erasure and distributed to schools according to need across the North of England. Now we are focusing on addressing the wider digital divide in society.

We are urging individuals and businesses to donate their unwanted tech to the campaign. All data will be wiped and devices will be repurposed before being allocated to individuals and households. We are also inviting people to sponsor a laptop, allowing us to provide devices free of charge while continuing to cover all costs associated with the repair and refurbishment process.

If you would like to make a cash donation to support the project, please visit our GoFundMe page - thank you for your support.

Laptops for All

Sponsor a laptop

We are inviting individuals and businesses to sponsor a laptop for £60. Your generosity will mean that an individual who has applied for a laptop will be provided with one free of charge. They will be able to access educational courses, pay bills online, contact friends and family and much more which will make a real difference. Thank you!

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Donate a laptop

If you have a device that you no longer use and would like to donate this to the Laptops for All scheme, please complete our donation form in the first instance, it will help us to divert your device through the appropriate process. Once the team has taken a look at the specs of your device, if they meet the requirements for use by the programme, we will be in touch with drop-off information.

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Apply for a laptop

To apply for a laptop, £13 dongle or free SIM card, please complete our short form and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible with further details.

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Apply for a laptop

How much will a laptop cost?

We aim to provide devices free of charge via our sponsorship scheme or if the condition, age or specifications are deemed to be lower than the standard we aim to supply. There may the option to purchase a laptop for £60.

Are you able to help me connect to the internet?

We also have dongles available to purchase at £13 each. We are delighted to be working with Vodafone's Charities Connected scheme, offering Pay as You Go SIMs (20GB data plus unlimited calls and texts each month for a period of six months) at no charge.

Who is eligible to apply for a laptop?

You can apply for a laptop if:

  • You do not currently have access to a device at home.
  • You will be using the device to complete activities such as paying bills, completing an educational course, accessing online communication channels or engaging in enterprise and entrepreneurship. We'll ask you to provide a little more information about this on the application form.

How do I request a £60 laptop?

Please complete our application form - we will then be back in touch with you as soon as possible to inform you of our decision.

What does the £60 cover?

The £60 covers the cost of repurposing the laptop - this might involve a repair such as replacing a screen or purchasing a charger if the original one was misplaced prior to donation.

Contact Us

  • Telephone - 0114 3030627
  • Email - laptopsforkids@wandisco.com
  • Post - Laptops for All ℅ WANdisco International, Castle House, 3rd Floor, Angel St, Sheffield S3 8LN